A new startup,, launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2015 wants to put mobile app developers back in control of their software by allowing them to make code-level changes on the fly. This service aims to address a common problem app developers today face. That is, when there are critical bugs or other issues that need to be fixed, the process of actually getting an updated app installed on end users’ devices can take hours or even days, if not longer.

That’s because of the way mobile applications are distributed – updated versions have to be submitted, then approved by app stores run by Apple and Google, before the new apps are made available.

While there are ways to expedite critical security fixes, for more minor problems, like crashes that only affect a subset of users, user interface glitches, or other changes a developer wants to make – like adding a new event to track via an analytics provider, for example – developers are still stick waiting out the app submission and approval cycle.

That’s where comes in. Co-founded by former Intel engineers, Erez Rosovsky and Eyal Keren, the company’s mission is to bridge the gap between developers and their live applications….


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