Plus Ventures found that the typical Israeli startup entrepreneur is aged 25-35 and is in no hurry to sell the company

Inexpensive money and mind-blowing exits have consolidated Israel’s positioning as the Startup Nation, as the yearning for financial stability has driven many Israelis with a dream to become entrepreneurs. While the success statistics are not promising, the entrepreneurs in the venture capital industry continue to overlook the risk and focus on the vision instead.

A comprehensive survey conducted by the investment company Plus Ventures, tries to outline the profile of the typical Israeli entrepreneur of 2016. The survey conducted for “Globes”, using an online questionnaire, encompassed 550 Israeli entrepreneurs, of whom 75% are the leaders of pre-seed and seed companies and 25% run mature companies that have had at least one significant capital raising round (Round A or an advanced round). The “average entrepreneur”, according to the survey, is a secular male who lives in central Israel. He is married with two children and unsurprisingly, dreams of an exit.

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